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Labconsult – independent distributor of laboratory equipment and materials

This website is a brand specific website of Labconsult. We are an official Hettich distributor.

In addition, we sell many other brands and products.

In recent years Labconsult has focused on lab equipment

Labconsult specialises in lab equipment. (Advice – Sales – Service)
Our portfolio includes renowned brands such as Memmert (ovens, climate cabinets, incubators), Hettich (centrifuges), Gram (refrigerators, freezers) and Sartorius (scales).
Brands which are known for quality, innovation and service.
We like to put these (long-standing) business partners in the foreground. You can find a more detailed overview of our range in the brandlist and onlinecatalogue.

We represent renowned and leading brands such as MEMMERT, HETTICH, SARTORIUS, GRAM, to name but a few, but consciously maintain a brand-independent position.
This enables us to offer you a comprehensive and complete range of high-quality products.

For laboratory equipment you are also at the right place.

Think of liquid handling equipment, beakers, sampling bottles, filters, Erlenmeyer flasks etc.

Lab glass forms a significant category from our historical past.
This includes standard lab glass (DURAN, LENZ), volume glassware (BRAND), special glassware for the dairy industry (Gerber, Funke Gerber) and custom-made products.

To complete the range we also supply chemicals from Merck and AppliChem, detergents from RBS.

You can also come to us for the furnishing of your lab. We resolutely opt for quality and reliability in every aspect. ( facet)
Didn’t quite find what you were looking for? Just get in touch with us. Make use of our knowledge, years of experience and extensive network.